Best Games that will Increase your Dogs Intelligence and Agility

How to Play Games that will Increase your Dogs Intelligence and Agility

It is imperative that your dog needs to be active both mentally and physically. Agility training enables your dog to think and react quickly. Dogs are smart animals, yet their intelligence level needs to be enhanced in a way that they learn quickly while enjoying it. There are some games that will not only test your dog’s agility and intelligence but also increase it.

Here are some effective games that will increase your dog’s intelligence and agility:


It is one of the most effective games you can play with your dog. This game can increase the detective skills, intelligence, agility and sense of smell of your dog. Take a treat and show it to your dog. Now, once your dog notices that you have a treat in your hand, say the word “stay/sit” and hide the treat in plain sight. It is better if you hide it under an upturned bowl, it will make it easier for him to find, but he’ll have to find a way to get it. Play this game on a frequent basis and increase the difficulty level once he starts to get better at the game.


It is a great game that enhances agility and the intelligence level of a dog and also helps you get things when you feel lazy. Take a bag of treats and sit back. Let’s suppose you have a key on the floor and you want your dog to bring them to you. Now, if your dog moves closer to the keys then say the word “Hot” with enthusiasm and throw a treat at him. If he moves away from the key then do not show much excitement and say “cold”. Repeat it over and over, since dogs can take the time to fully understand what you are trying to do.


This game helps in increasing the intelligence and agility of your dog. Take your dog’s favorite toys along with a bag of treats and go in the backyard. You have to hold the toys one by one and call their names in front of your dog. You need to do it so that your dog becomes familiar with the names of toys. Try to make him remember only 1-2 toys in the start.

Tell your dog to “Sit” and throw “Mr. Potato” few feet away from your dog. Now, tell your dog “fetch Mr. Potato”. He will bring it back to you, so increase the difficulty level by throwing all the toys and then asking him to only “fetch Mr. Potato”. Give your dog a treat if he does bring back the right toy, but if he fails to bring back the toy then do not give a treat and throw the toy back. You have to show patience and eventually, your dog will be good at it.


You can find various toys in the market that can boost the intelligence of your dog. In these games, there is a treat hidden for your dog to find out and he must come up with a way to get the treat, sounds fun right? The dogs use various ways and this is where their intelligence comes into play. You can buy various online toys that are best for intelligence training of your dog.


This game is helpful since your dog needs to react quickly in this game. Take 1 bowl and place a treat under it. Your dog will try to get the treat and he will eventually get it. Now take another bowl and place a treat under any of the bowls. Your dog will notice you placing the treat under any one of the bowls and he will get it one way or another. Now, it’s time to increase the level of difficulty and for that, you have to switch places of the bowls after placing a treat under one of them. Your dog will use his sense of smell and intelligence to get the treat.

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Well, these were some of the games that can boost your dog’s intelligence and agility. Have fun and remember that you have to stay patient.