Pressure Washing

Here Are The Best Pressure Washers For A Patio

If you’re purchasing a pressure washer to primarily used on your patio, then it’s a good idea to purchase a design that’s specifically built for this kind of use. Of course, there are a variety of different pressure washers that can cope with general use around the home, but let’s take a look at the best pressure washers of 2018 for a patio.

To begin with, the Karcher K4 model is an exceptional creation that’s easily one of the best pressure washers to use anywhere around the home, and it will certainly cope with practically any patio you throw at it, regardless of how dirty it may be right now.

The design is on the slightly larger side, but it does come with an impressive 130 bars of pressure, and it even gives you a full LCD display to give you great control over all of the features it provides.

Of course, it comes with the usual Vario Power Spray that’s highly prized for its ability to give you flexible control over the pressure you’re using at any given moment, and it also offers a generous 6m hose which makes it ideal for long-range use as well.

Perhaps the only downside to this particular model is that it’s on the expensive side, but seeing as the Karcher brand have earned the reputation of being very high quality and long-lasting when it comes to their pressure washers, it’s a good investment that should last you for long into the future even if you use it on a fairly regular basis.

Additionally, there are some excellent pressure washers made by Bosch that are ideal for cleaning patios, such as the Bosch AQT, which receives plenty of praise in this regard. However, it is around £50 more expensive, which can be off-putting to some.